2021 Back to Baseball COVID-19 Safety Guidelines

Jul 12, 2020 5:41 PM
Mike Hudson

On Field Guidance

  • No handshakes/Personal Contact Celebrations
    • Little League promotes Sportsmanship, at end of game instead of shaking hands suggestion is lineup in dugouts and tip caps to each other
    • Parents and players should leave immediately after games/practices

Return to Play

  • Drinks
    • Bring own drink from home, either single disposable container or reusable container that will be brought home and sanitized.
    • No shared containers
    • Label containers
  • Food/gum
    • No food, gum or sunflower seeds will be permitted in dugouts or on the field.


  • Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) – taking reasonable protective measures to limit risk
    • Recommendation is that all managers/coaches/volunteers/umpires should wear PPE such as cloth face coverings and gloves whenever possible.
    • Recommendation for players are to wear face coverings in situations where social distance is limited. Ultimately not necessary for players to wear gloves or masks in the fields, but if a family wants their child to wear a mask in the field, then it is absolutely permitted.
  • Dugouts
    • Still recommending social distancing
      • Spots will be marked on benches for players to be  spaced following state guidelines. Limit the dugout to 1 coach.
      • Each player has an assigned spot either in the dugout or bleachers (or field accommodation) while waiting for their turn to bat.
  • Player Equipment
    • All equipment should be properly spaced out to avoid close contact with players outside of dugout.
    • All sharing of equipment is discouraged. Players should have their own Helmet, Glove, Bat, Catcher’s equipment.
    • Each team will be provided with 2 sets of catchers equipment. Each set must be sanitized after each game and practice.
  • Baseballs
    • Umpires need to limit contact with the ball.
    • Players should retrieve foul balls opposed to fans/spectators.
  • Spitting
    • Players must avoid licking their fingers.
    • No spitting at all times especially dugout and playing surface.

Game Operations and Umpire Guidance

  • Pre-Game Plate Meetings
    • Coaches stand outside corners of batters box if need be. One manager and umpire only
    • Players should not be included in plate meeting
    • Recommendation is face mask is worn
  • Equipment Inspection
    • Umpire should avoid contact with equipment when it is called for an inspection
  • Field Preparation and Maintenance
    • Fields should prepped and lined in advance to games before everyone shows up.
    • Any equipment used needs to be sanitized before and after use
  • Umpire Placement
    • Recommendation to position behind pitchers mounds
    • Keep safe distance from players if at all possible and wear gloves if possible. Recommendation is to wear facial covering for duration of the game.

Facility, Fan, and Administrative Guidance

Limiting Spectator Attendance

  • Bleachers may be utilized for players only. Spectators will be encouraged to bring their own chairs
    • Practice social distancing, six feet away from families, highly encourage to wear facial coverings
    • Recommendation to mark these locations

Public Restrooms

  • The city is not providing portable toilets to public parks. We understand this could be a potential problem. For now we ask you to please plan ahead. We will work to find a solution to this problem.

Concession Stands

  • As of now the concession stand will not be operational

Promote Everyday Preventative Actions

  • Common sense hygiene, social distancing, if feeling sick, have temperature, showing any symptoms, please do not visit the field


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